Touring Texas backroads in search of
good music, cold beer, new friends and great times.
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What do you get on a tour?

• An exclusive trip to at least 4 different historic dance halls. 

• A seat on the Dance Hall Express luxury bus with WiFi, PA system, video monitors, restroom and more. 

• Each hall will include a historical tour by an owner, hall representative, or knowledgable source. Each guest on the tour will receive an information packet on the day's adventure.

• Stops will be made along the way for beer runs, short history lessons in small towns, and kolaches.

• Most tours last 7 hours and will include some sort of dance, festival or gathering that will be advertised in advance. Destinations are subject to change based on hall availability.

• Dance admission is included in your bus pass.

• One stop will be made for lunch or dinner, depending on the tour type.

• Tours originate from Austin and Houston and will return you to your vehicle at the conclusion of the trip. Come have fun and leave the driving to us!

Why spend your money on a dance hall tour?

• Proceeds go toward the finishing of the upcoming documentary on Texas dance halls and related dance hall media projects.
• A portion of pass sales will go directly to several of the halls that we visit.
• All money spent at the events we visit go toward the upkeep and preservation of the dance hall.
• Participating in the tour will give you the information needed to come back to these halls on your own and contribute to their upkeep and survival.

A look at some of the good times we have had on tour.

Dropping in on the Devil's Backbone Tavern.

Fischer Hall

Historical chat at Twin Sisters Hall.

Grapetown Schuetzen Verein Hall

Getting the play-by-play from your tour director.

Luckenbach Hall

Dancing at Watterson Hall

Cat Spring Agricultural Society Hall

Rutersville/Wessels Hall

Advertising at Plum Parish Hall.

Anhalt Hall

Good eats are always had on tour.

Guided tour at Appelt's Hill Gun Club.

Checking out the "new" Park Hall

A cowboy taking a break at Kendalia Halle.

All smiles and all ages at Luckenbach Hall.

Kendalia Halle

How we roll

• Small coolers are welcome on the bus. Drinking is allowed in moderation. No glass or kegs, please.

• No pets. 

• Ages 18 and up unless requested. As per state rules, no one under age 21 will be allowed to consume alcohol.

• Bring cash for drinks, souvenirs, etc. Some of these old halls are on a cash-only basis.

• Bring a jacket or blanket. The bus thermostat will be set on cool and kept that way. 

• Bring something to snack on. As a reminder, the tour director always loves snacks!

• Schedule is subject to change based on what the group wants. If they want to stay somewhere an extra 30 minutes, so be it!

• Must bring good vibes and an adventurous spirit!



Most day trips are around $75 per person and includes transportation, information packet, and admission into halls and dances. Large tours consist of 25-45 people on board. We feel that this makes for a nice, intimate experience. Tour size will be noted on each excursion on the Tour Schedule page.

Specialty tours for smaller groups are available upon request. These trips range from 5-15 people and can be tailored for parties, anniversaries, education, or the adventurous bachelor or bachelorette weekend. Smaller groups can request specific stops to be included on an itinerary of their choosing.


At each dance, a portion of your bus pass is used to pay for admission into the dance. We pay full price for each admission so that the halls can make money on our visit. Each ticket that a hall is able to sell goes back into the venue to help keep the hall going for future generations to enjoy.


Below are some of the dances we have attended and the amount that Dance Hall Road Trip has contributed at each hall.

June 4, 2016 — Cat Spring Agricultural Society — $280

August 6, 2016 — Twin Sisters Dance Hall — $260

February 18, 2017 — Anhalt Hall — $345

April 19, 2018 — Millheim Hall — $300

January 19, 2019 — Coshatte Hall — $259

March 16, 2019 — Anhalt Hall — $675

April 6, 2019 — Holman Valley Steakhouse and Hall — $450

August 24, 2019 — Luckenbach Hall — $410

September 21, 2019 — Anhalt Hall — $308