So you've brought your group to town, but now what?

Convention centers and meeting rooms aren't the most appealing places, lacking the very nature of the city in which you have all assembled. If you're looking to introduce your team to the real Texas, get them out of the city and into the country! A simple dance hall day trip will loosen everyone up, get the group excited, and will foster creativity and bonding like nothing else. Barbecue, beer, and country dancing is the ticket to success!

Our day trips are easily adaptable to the size of your group. We will load up in a bus or a van and take your folks out to where Texas music began in these historic dance halls. Along the way, stops will be made for cold beverages and delicious barbecue. If you are looking to create an activity away from the stale conference room, these halls have room to seat over a hundred people with plenty of options for catering and entertainment. Consider having your next presentation in the original meeting halls of Texas!

But most importantly, we aim to provide a fun adventure for you and your clients. Depending on the day and the adventure created, you could be dancing the night away to some of the best country music artists in America —

all within a short drive from your hotel. 


Thank you! You will be hearing back from Erik soon.

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