• February 8 — Dance Halls of the Texas Hill Country: Kendalia Halle with the Cornell Hurd Band

• June 6 — Cat Spring Hall June Fest

Saturday, February 8, 2020

2 p.m.-Midnight

The Dance Halls of the Texas Hill Country...


A good time is always had when we head west!

It's hard to keep us away from those Hill Country dance halls. So we're going back to kick off the 2020 season of dance hall tours! Our dance stop will be at Kendalia Halle to swing with the Cornell Hurd Band. In between we'll stop at four other historic and unique halls and a local beer joint along the way. 

Tour includes stops at:

• Kendalia Halle — Dance with the Cornell Hurd Band

• Luckenbach Hall

• Albert Ice House & Dance Hall


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What you get:
• A trip to five classic dance halls with a food and beer stop (or two) along the way. We will spend approx. 30 minutes

  at each stop to look at the hall and dance to a few recorded songs. Stops can be longer or shorter depending on crowd involvement and interest.
• Detailed tour booklet.
• Comfortable seating on a large coach bus OR roomy 15-passenger van. Vehicle depends on ridership and availability.
• Each hall will include a historical tour and Q&A by an owner or hall representative.
• Ticket includes lunch/dinner OR admission to a nighttime country dance depending on the type of tour.

   When dancing, we will spend approx. two hours at the dance. Please read the tour description to see

   what type of tour you are offered. Not all tours are the same or have dances at halls. But, we most definitely can dance

   at each hall in some form.

Why spend your money with the Dance Hall Road Trip?:
• A portion will go to several of the halls that we visit.
• All money spent at the dances or picnics go toward the upkeep and preservation of the facilities.
• Participating in the tour will give you the information to come back to these halls on your own and contribute to their

   upkeep and survival.

Where to meet: Cavender's Boot City  : 4435 S Lamar Blvd, Austin, TX 78745. Check each individual tour for departure and return times.

What to bring:
• Beverages and beer are allowed on the bus. No glass or kegs, though. Small coolers are welcome!
• Snacks. There may be long stretches without food for purchase.
• Cash money for beverages at the dance, souvenirs, pit stops, tips, etc. Many of these places are cash only.

   Plus, cash always makes the line move faster.
• Jacket or blanket. The bus thermostat will remain constant. 
• Camera

Will there be another tour?
• Check www.dancehallroadtrip.com for a full tour schedule and follow facebook.com/dancehalls for up-to-date information.

How we roll:
• Those under 21 will be marked underage and will not, as per state law, be allowed to consume alcoholic beverages. 
• No glass bottles or kegs.
• No pets.
• Must bring good vibes and an adventurous spirit!

*NOTE: The trip requires a minimum of 20 paying customers in order to roll. Tour will be cancelled and refunded

  if the minimum is not met.

Hope to see you on the bus!


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