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Why take a road trip?

La Bahia Turn Verein

Road trips are about having fun and creating new experiences. But often the planning is the hardest part. That is where the Dance Hall Road Trip comes in. We make the schedule and show up with a bus. Leave the driving to us and sit back and enjoy the show. Tour Directors Erik and Laurie McCowan grew up in and around these old halls, so they know how a dance hall Saturday night works.


The question was asked: Why don't you tour Gruene Hall? The easiest answer is because that hall is always open. Yes, it's an important piece in Texas dance hall lore, but you can go there anytime. We like taking folks to the ones that aren't always open, the ones out in the country. Erik and Laurie know what halls are open, who to call to get into others, and where the coldest beer is and the best local flavor. 

The goal of these road trips are to give the customer the information and the spark of curiosity to return to these places on their own to visit a dance, picnic, or fundraiser. Spending their money at the halls directly benefits the organization and will help to keep these places in operation. The best way to keep those doors open is to go through the doors on a regular basis.

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